Mystery Blogger Award

Good evening all 🙂 Andrea has been super kind to nominate me for the Mystery Blogger Award- thank you, Andrea! Here are my answers to her ‘get-to-know me' questions’:   Can you post a picture of your coffee / tea cup? Nope 🙂 I rarely drink either- they both tend to trigger my migraines unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Recovery Kit: The Rough Night Edition

You wake up and you feel drained and unrested. You then proceed to check yourself in the mirror, and your face appears dull, dehydrated, and equally as unrested as you’re feeling in the inside. We’ve all had those days where we feel like our faces need a pick-me up after a rough night’s sleep. Whether... Continue Reading →

Entertainer Blogger Award

Hi all 🙂 Andrea was kind enough to tag me in The Entertainer Blogger Award (thank you Andrea!) 🙂 Andrea’s questions were: Why did you start blogging in the first place? Writing has always been a passion of mine- it is an art that I can confidently express myself through, and it has always been a... Continue Reading →

The Byrdie Challenge: Top Beauty Must Haves

Hi all 🙂 So in one of my latest Discovery GemZone post’s, I shared some of my favourite celebrity beauty videos. Some of these included videos by Byrdie, in which they asked celebs to share their top 5 favourite beauty products. So I have decided to start the #byrdiechallenge and share my top 5 beauty products (skincare... Continue Reading →

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