Reformer Pilates: Class of the week

I’ve mentioned in a few posts now that I am currently working on improving my physical health.

To keep you all updated on how that’s going, I would like to share some of the exercises I am partaking in that are allowing me to do so 🙂

Recently, I have started taking reformer pilates (refer to image below if you don’t know what that is because I certainly didn’t)!

Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 11.22.11.png
Hoping to master the art of stability and balance like this bad ass queen is doing!

So what (or who) inspired me to take reformer pilates? 

Well, that would be the one and only Jessica Lowndes (aka Adrianna on 90210). She regularly posts fitness routine videos on her Instagram, and some of the videos include some exercises on the reformer pilates.

I can’t explain why but it really inspired me to give it a go.

Because my fitness level is quite low at the moment, the thought of taking any new form of exercise that I hadn’t tried before terrified me.

Fortunately, there are plenty of beginners reformer pilates classes around London and I am soon going to take my fourth class!

I am a huge believer in self-motivation, but equally it is wonderful when we can find inspiration (or fit-spo-ration) from other people- so thank you Jessica 🙂


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