Motivation Mondays

Good morning everyone 🙂 

Writing to you all from the UK this morning where it is pretty chilly, grey and wet for a supposably summer morning…definitely not the most motivating factors to get your Monday morning started.

However, self-motivation comes from within and this morning is a perfect example of while we cannot control certain external factors, we can certainly control how we manage them.

This weekend I wrote a post on self-reflection ( and used a day I had at work as an example of where I needed to make positive decisions throughout the day that would benefit my overall wellness.

Here is my plan for today to allow that happen:

. I’ll be making sure to where a jumper, some trousers and some socks to keep my feet warm.

. I’ll drink at least 4 bottles of water

. I’ll make myself lunch (check) and eat it at work.

. I’ll make sure to take a full one hour lunch break no later than 1 PM.

. I’ll attend a fitness class with a friend after work

. I’ll cook dinner at home

I’ll check back in with you all at the end of the day to see if I’ve ticked off all of the above positive choices 🙂

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