TV Series that Ended too Early

Good morning everyone! 🙂

Today, I want to give recognition to five series* that were cancelled way too early! Let’s get straight to it (and if you haven’t watched these yet, please start now as they are all worth it)…

*I will try my best to not give any spoilers away

1. Devious Maids (4 seasons)Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 07.48.22.png

Why should you be watching?

Okay so a show that revolves around 5 Latina maids who work for the self-absorbed elite would normally make me say no way. As a Latina myself, I often speak about how important it is for television to break the barrier of typecasting Latina actresses into the same roles, the basic premise of this show would contradict what I preach.

However, I am happy I gave the show a chance because the show addresses this stereotype head on and does so in a humorous but non-offensive way (in my opinion). Each character is different- with completely different personality traits that create a wonderful chemistry amongst all the main characters.

This show has everything you would ever want from a Lifetime soap- murder, betrayal, deceit, sex, scandal with just the right amount of comic relief added as to not make the whole thing too ridiculously overdramatic.

I was really disappointed when the show was cancelled because it ended on such a massive cliffhanger, no closure whatsoever- I hate not getting closure from the tv series I watch!

Why was it cancelled?

All these shows tend to be cancelled due to ratings, but we have to think about why it has low ratings in the first place.

Devious Maids pulled the short end of the stick as they aired around 13 episodes per season over the summer period. People simply aren’t watching as much tv over the summer- at least not right when the show airs. Also, the series would generally start airing in June and finish in August, which means you would essentially always have to wait nearly a year for new episodes. No matter how exciting the show is, I am sure people easily forgot about why they were tuning in and each year the show lost more viewers.

2. Mistresses (4 seasons)


Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 08.05.32.png

Why should you be watching?

Ok so this is another show that based on the title alone I would normally want to give a hard pass to. And that’s saying a lot because I’m a sucker for soaps/dramas- I don’t get offended easily but I don’t appreciate shows which create premise that attempts to be blatantly disrespectful. When I heard about a show called Mistresses I thought no way- this is going to be about 4 bored housewives who cheat on their husbands and the media is going to glorify the crap out of this thing.

I too gave this a chance though, and am so glad I did! Yes, affairs happen, betrayal happens, and some of these character’s choices are far from admirable…but it is oh so enjoyable and done in a tasteful manner (well…as tasteful as cheating on your husband and sleeping with your patients can ever be).

Similar to Devious Maids in the fact that it is filled with everything you want from a soap, if that’s your jam then tune in for the drama.

The women on this show once again all have very contrasting personality traits that creates a fantastic dynamic to watch among all of them.

Think of Sex and the City, but if Sex and the City also included murder and was a lot less about fashion (ok maybe that will put some of you off but trust me it shouldn’t).

This show ended with a bit more closure than Devious Maids (well Devious Maids had none)- I have a feeling producers and writers knew the chances of a renewal were low. The last episode focused on a lot of storylines that made you feel like you were watching a series finale (which at the time of airing you weren’t sure if it was), but then decided to end it on a huge cliffhanger that still to this day makes me question- what would happen if we got one more season? Generally the execs of this show played that last season very intelligently- they gave the viewers closure but also added a cliffhanger that didn’t offset what the characters achieved, but was juicy enough to create more drama in case they got another season (which they should have!)

Why was it cancelled?

Another Devious Maids Tale- this ABC series aired around 13 episodes only during the summer (BOO!).


3. The Carrie Diaries (2 seasons)

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 08.20.18.png

Why should you be watching?

A prequel to Sex and the City that revolves around a teenage Carrie Bradshaw? Count me in!

I love everything about this teen drama (which I watched around the time I was 21 and it was still enjoyable)- mostly what I loved about it is that it took place in the 80s. The hair, the clothes, the music (oh how I love the soundtrack!)- this was actually a really feel good show for me.

The show had drama and the typical motifs you find a teenage series- love, heartbreak, betrayal, but it does so in a much more innocent and tamed way than Gossip Girl would (no disrespect, I am a huge GG fan).

If I could describe this show in one word it would be- lovely. I also loved that it focused so much on Carrie’s ambition to become a writer, and not just her love woes (which were just as entertaining to watch).

This show only aired for 2 seasons! On the plus side, the season 2 finale does air as a series finale- no dramatic cliffhangers and instead the point in Carrie’s life you assume is about to turn into her Sex and the City days.

Why was it cancelled?

This show didn’t air over the summer, but the fact that it was a prequel to Sex and the City was both a blessing and a curse. I’m sure my demographic who already watched Sex and the City would be thrilled by this idea (as I was). After all a lot of women in their early 20s have watched Sex and the City, and at that age (if you’re like me at least) you can still enjoy watching teen dramas without them making you feel ridicolously old or like you can’t relate to the characters.

On the other hand, if you’re a woman who is 35, the show may strike you as completely unreliable and juvenile (well because it is). And also quick side note: no disrespect to to any 35 year old that does enjoy this show- these are generalisations and I’m not judging anybody 🙂

Also, this show was never going to live up to Sex and the City. Not that it had too, I mean the only Sex and the City characters we see in the Carrie Diaries are Carrie and Samantha.

Finally, I think this show perhaps was too innocent for viewers it was targeted to- not bringing enough drama such as shows like Gossip Girl.


4. 90210 (5 seasons)

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 08.37.43.png

Why should you be watching?

Ok once again another show that would never live up to the original it was based on- but that doesn’t mean it didn’t hold its own. 90210 may have been part of the same tv-verse of it highly addictive 90s series, Beverly Hills 90210, but it managed to separate itself very early on so that the comparisons could stop.

We also got treated to viewing original cast members and their lives 20 years later (such as Brenda/Donna/Kelly).

Frankly the above wasn’t very exciting and as soon as the show dropped the weight of its predecessor it really took off.

Ridiculously wealthy teenagers with little parent supervision allows for a whole lot of the same drama motifs. This show also did so in a way that was still light hearted, and no matter how ridiculous the plot lines got, or how many characters managed to sleep with each other, you would still feel good after watching the show.

This show knew it was ending during the fifth season so the season finale was created to be a series finale, so we did get closure.

That being said, I felt like the show had so much more to explore with all of these characters. They were only 20/21 when the show ended, but the show sadly treated them like they were in their 30s and all ready to settle down.

Why was it cancelled? 

This simply goes down to ratings I believe, and perhaps viewers just lot interest.

5. The New Normal (1 season :()

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 08.48.39.png




Why should you be watching?

My last shout out goes to this comedy which focuses on the lives of a gay couple, a surrogate and her daughter, and a highly offensive but comical mother/grandmother.

The show was hilarious, it was fun, and it put a smile on my face at the end of every episode.

One season was simply not enough, but it was never going to succeed further than that and it has nothing to do with ratings…

Why was it cancelled?

This show came out at a time when we had already been gifted with Arrested Development and when Modern Family was at its peak of the best primetime television you could ask for. So what’s the problem? Well, if Modern Family and Arrested Development had a baby, it would be The New Normal. The New Normal wasn’t anything original, and people weren’t willing to let it flourish and find its own two feet.




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