You’re drunk and it’s time to go home: TV Shows that Overstayed their Welcome

This morning I wrote post about tv shows that ended too early (Click here if you’re interested 🙂 )

So what better time than to honour that post with a list of the top 5 series that had/have overstayed their welcome (In my opinion of course).

If you’re a tv fanatic like me that loves discovering new series, you’ve surely experienced a time where you start watching something that is the next best thing from bread and butter.

You think, “this show gets me, and we’re going to get along great”. Suddenly, you find yourself getting really annoyed by this said tv show, they’re clinging on for dear life and you decide it’s time to part ways.

Maybe it’s because the show jumped the shark and doesn’t make sense anymore, maybe it’s because the show keeps recycling the same old storylines, or maybe it’s because you are incredibly frustrated the show’s characters and their continuously self-destructive decision making…either way, here are the shows that needed/need to call it a day:

(Warning: This post will contain spoilers)

1. The Vampire Diaries

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.16.03.png

A drama about immortal vampire brothers (one good versus one evil) and their conquest to win over the ‘girl next door’ who later becomes a vampire….honestly typing out the basic synopsis makes me realise perhaps the show never had a real chance to not get caught up in its own bullshit.

However, when it came out, I loved the Vampire Diaries. It was fun and exciting. It placed a teenage drama in a supernatural world full of vampires, werewolves and even witches. The two brothers, Stefan and Damon, were insanely attractive (still are in all fairness) and I would constantly go back and forth between being team Damon or team Stefan. Elena was a genuinely nice girl, but not so much so that she became annoying and uninteresting (at least not at first), and I loved seeing her struggle between choosing Damon and Stefan because it was so entertaining. All this drama is augmented by Elena’s doppelgänger (yes she has doppelgänger), Katherine Pierce, who literally has Elena’s exact opposite personality.

So when did it all go south for this show?

In my opinion, the show lost the plot and started recycling storylines way too often into its fourth season. Elena struggling to choose between Damon and Stefan became annoying and selfish. Her nice girl act came off just as an act, and I really lost all sympathy for the character. Why Damon and Stefan were still pining for this girl…I’ll never know.

Also add in the fact that I think almost every character died at one point and was later brought to life, and suddenly you feel nothing when a character gets killed off because they’ll probably be back a few episodes later. I think I stopped watching after season 5, and luckily this show decided to cut the cord on season 7 and call it a night.

2. Jane the Virgin 

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.29.15.png

This show had so much potential, and at one point I truly thought was going to be the show I became a long time fan of.

Jane the Virgin is about a 20-something year old virgin in a 2 year relationship who gets accidentally artificially inseminated by another man’s sperm who she coincidentally kissed a few years ago. It’s ridiculous but hilarious- the show flourishes on the fact that it’s plot lines are so ridiculous and it embraces it successfully due to its comedic nature. I also love this show for having a Latina main character that isn’t the media’s usual definition of what a Latina is (a loud salsa dancer who speaks English with a broken accent).

The show often focuses on the love triangle between Jane, Michael (her boyfriend and later husband) and Rafael (the man’s sperm who she became accidentally artificially inseminated with, and she later went onto having his child through this accidental insemination).

Where did the magic go?

I became uninterested in Jane the Virgin as soon as the third season begun. Jane was married to Michael, raising her and Rafael’s child, and she was committed to becoming a writer. The love between her and Rafael seemed lost. Suddenly the show felt too normal and not exciting so I stopped watching it.

I then found out through reading some episode recaps that Michael died from a heart attack. This decision saddened me but perhaps it is what the show needs to gain its magic back. I have not given it a chance yet, and maybe I will.

I have to say though that the problem with this show, as is the problem with many shows, is that it relies too heavily on love triangles.

3. Pretty Little Liars

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.38.53.png

Oh Pretty Little Liars….how much I loved you and how much I grew to resent you after the most disappointing plot reveal of all time….

Pretty Little Liars initially focuses on the lives of four teenage girls whose friend suddenly goes missing and is presumed dead. They then begin to receive texts from someone who goes by ‘A’- the texts are usually threatening and revolve around each of the girls secrets.

This show was widely entertaining for a long time, until it jumped the shark and the writers threw consistency out of the window…

The show relied so heavily on the reveal of A, which we finally got in season 5 as Cece Drake. This made no sense for so many reasons (that I can’t explain because that deserves its own blog post). Then the writers decided that the show must got on but it can’t go on without an A, so we must have an Uber A (or A.D.) and add loads of twins to the series to confuse the f**k out of everyone.

Queue in to the last episode of season 7 when we get slapped in the face with most disappointing reveal of all time- Uber A is Spencer’s twin sister who has a cockney accent, a character we did not meet or knew nothing about until the last half hour of the entire series.

The only redemption the series had was Mona’s ending, where she kept Alex Drake (Uber A) and her mom trapped in her own version of a doll house in Paris- sinister AF but the ending we all wanted Mona to have.

4. Greys Anatomy

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.47.59.png

I’m just going to get straight to it…

This show, now on it’s 10th plus season, has managed to either kill every good character off or put every character in a near death experience on multiple occasions whilst they also all manage to sleep with one another at one point or another.

That premise worked for the first few seasons but quickly became irritating.

5. Modern Family

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 10.52.26.png

Once charming, comical, and the show I needed when I was feeling low, Modern Family has fallen to the curse that all long running sitcoms fall too- they recycle jokes. Enough said.

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