TV News of the Day: Friends from College has been renewed for a second season

Netflix original shows generally tend to be quite successful- they may not always please everybody but they tend to find a significant group of people who are rooting for the show to go on and critics who appreciate the show for what it is.

That is not the case with Friends from College…

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show with not only such negative reviews from critics- but a show that has received an overwhelming amount of hate thrown by viewers.

Now, I decided to watch Friends from College based on a YouTube trailer. I’ll admit at first I wasn’t impressed- it seemed cheesy and unoriginal. However, one night I was bored and home alone, so I decided I would give it a chance. It is also important to note that I had not read any reviews before watching it.

Before I knew it I gobbled up all of season one in one evening. I absolutely loved it! I love drama and I love comedy. What I love even more is dramedies that can achieve the perfect balance- and this show knew how to make a totally f**ked up situations absolutely comical.

I was really surprised to read the shockingly terrible reviews, after having already watched the show. I struggled to find a single review that had anything positive to say about this show, and the nicest ones were just on the verge of favouring the show as mediocre at best.

So I was quite honestly shocked when I googled Friends from College this morning and saw that it had been picked up for a second season- I’m very excited about it and will 100% be watching!

The general consensus I get from most reviews is that people don’t enjoy the show because of its’ characters and their decisions. Essentially a large proportion of viewers and critics scold the show for how unlikeable the characters are, and how awful their decisions, and generally how they are all terrible people. I’ve also seen people point out that the show is awful because these group of ‘friends’ are so obsessed with their college days that they refuse to grow up- and are ultimately living very narrow minded lives.

Well, I completely agree with all the above sentiments- and that is precisely why I love the show. 

The characters are completely unlikeable and self-destructive, and they are all far from responsible adults. I think the show completely embraces this, and to me, the show is saying: Terrible people making terrible choices can be hilarious

I don’t think the show was in any way glorifying the characters decisions.

In my opinion, character’s don’t have to be likeable in order for me to like them. They need to be complex and I generally don’t want them to be ‘normal’ because that’s just boring (IMO of course).

Friends from College reminds me of Lena Dunham’s Girls. While this show was originally described as a realistic/relatable and humorous version of Sex and the City, I would partially disagree with that statement.

While it was comical (in the dramedy sense)- I couldn’t see how it was relatable. These girls, much like the characters from Friends from College, are just as self-destructive and generally crappy human beings that are completely self-absorbed.

In real life, I wouldn’t want to be friends with the characters from Friends from College or Girls…but I still enjoy watching them on the tv screen and I love both shows.

My whole point is, a show shouldn’t be critiqued based on the morality of the characters, but rather on the complexity of their choices and the entertainment factor they can bring to viewers.

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