Below Deck Med: iPadGate

Today, I’ll be talking about the iPad scandal that unfairly managed to get Hannah Ferrier ostracised from most of her fellow crew members during the second season of Below Deck Med.

Real talk time: 

During the second season of Below Deck Med, chief stew Hannah Ferrier kissed a charter guest during the actual charter. Whether he kissed her or she kissed him is irrelevant. We also know that Hannah and the charter guest, Jason, were texting during charter. Was any of this professional? No. Did Hannah deserve to get humiliated and disrespected from her fellow crew mates for it? Absolutely not.

Look, we all make mistakes during our personal and professional lives. Nobody’s perfect. Hannah’s been in the industry for years and quite honestly I don’t think she needs to be taken to trial on any of this- especially after everyone else’s reactions to crew member’s Bobby hookup with a charter guest (which was considerably more unprofessional than Hannah’s lapse of judgment with Jason, and instead Bobby’s indiscretion was met with laughter and symbolic high fives- double standards much?).

What I found completely unacceptable out of all of this was how the iPad situation was treated. Charter guest Jason used the boat’s iPad to login into his Apple ID (his phone fell in the hot tub) and texted Hannah from the iPad- unfortunately Jason forgot to logout. Bugsy, Hannah’s second chief stew, found the iPad after Jason left and therefore found the messages.

What proceeds to happen next is Bugsy flashing the iPad around to the entire crew for the rest of the day, to everyone besides Hannah, and sneakily laughs as she feels she has something on Hannah. She used that iPad to humiliate Hannah. The crew’s reaction weren’t any better, with Max and Bobby even following Hannah to see if they could catch her on a date with Jason.

Bugsy didn’t take the iPad to Captain Sandy at any point, because this wasn’t about professionalism to Bugsy, it was about some bullshit ‘revenge’ on Hannah.

She eventually tells Hannah about the iPad situation and lectures her like she is Captain Sandy. She also insists she cares because it is unprofessional, but if she cared about professionalism, she would have gone straight to Captain Sandy.

The only person I’ll stand up for in this fiasco, in addition to Hannah of course, is Lauren. She actually called Malia and Bugsy out for reading her personal texts with Jason. The crew’s whole defense was that the iPad is the boat’s property and therefore they can read  whatever they want on it- but that’s just bullshit. It was plain disrespectful and childish.

Here’s to hoping that Hannah returns for another season of below deck with crew mates that can at least respect her on a basic human level and put their petty bullshit aside.


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