Disconnecting from work: a 72-hour detox and reset

As some of you may know from reading my posts over the course of the past week, I had a really bad week at work.

I essentially overworked myself and burnt myself out. I was checking emails when I was off the clock and working way before and after my 9-5 hour, this all led to a lot of anxiety and unnecessary emotional distress.

This bank holiday weekend, I decided to not check my work emails at all. I deleted the outlook app off my mobile and have been enjoying 72 hours of tranquility.

I cannot even begin to explain how incredibly liberated and re-energised I feel- it really does feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders.

The weekends are my time off and for once in a long time, I properly took it off.

It’s back to work tomorrow, and I’m okay with that. Whatever challenges lie ahead at work will be dealt with when I get there. 


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