Mike Ross and Rachel Zane: Where is the Love?

This post is for all you Suits fan, specifically, the Mike Ross and Rachel Zane’s shippers.

Am I the only one that’s realised there is hardly any love between these two anymore? Specifically, since season 7, where has the physical chemistry gone?  I mean seriously every time they share a scene (which is rare enough in itself), it feels like there’s an invisible wall between the two of them. The most action you see is a friendly kiss on the cheek. Are we seriously meant to believe that these two are still on track to tie the knot?

When I started watching Suits, a bit part of the reason I loved it so much was seeing the love story develop between Mike and Rachel- their chemistry was palpable and I was really rooting for them.

The first two seasons was the ‘will they won’t they’ of at it all, which was met by constant obstacles that meant the two could never full embrace their love for one another.

Then the season two finale hit the tv screen and we were graced with the infamous filing room hook up between the two (probably one of the most iconic on screen hook-ups ever).

Season three arrived and these two finally made things official- since then it’s been pretty steady between the two. While we haven’t had a hook-up scene like the filing room again, the love still felt so real between Mike and Rachel.

Season seven has essentially squashed the love between Zane and Ross.

My theory is that this is because Megan Markle, the actress who plays Rachel, is dating Prince Harry and perhaps all these steamy moments are too controversial for the Royal Family- the timing of it all makes perfect sense.

Still, surely some lip locking won’t ruin Markle’s chances of staying on the Royal Family’s good side?

Either way, here’s to hoping that all love isn’t lost between Mike and Rachel.


Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 15.28.59.png


2 thoughts on “Mike Ross and Rachel Zane: Where is the Love?

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    1. Agreed- it did start feeling off in season 6 but as so much of the season focused on Mike in prison and his trial I could excuse the shift in attention, in season 7 though he’s back home with Rachel so don’t understand how writers are ignoring their relationship so much!

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