Weight is just a number: How kicking the scale to the curb has allowed me to love myself

Hello everyone 🙂

My first blog post on here was about my fitness journey and how I have found my own definition of physical health over the years: Physical Health: Finding my own definition

Today, I want to specifically write about how I have become healthier and happier since I’ve stopped weighing myself.

I really struggled coming to terms with the fact that my number on the scale significantly went up after starting university- something I discovered after going for a health check-up.

As mentioned in my first blog post, what proceeded after that was me constantly exercising and controlling my calories in order to lower the number on that scale. I eventually achieved this and fell into old patterns, and it wasn’t till I once again saw an increase in the scale that I attempted the same routine except I didn’t get the results I wanted (mostly because I was incredibly unmotivated during the time).

This whole experience has taught me that it is so dangerous, at least for my journey, to seek health based on the number on the scale. As soon as I saw the number go up, I would instantly panic and begin self-loathing myself. I would seek reassurance from others that I was still ‘skinny’, but found no solitude in their answers because as we all eventually learn, acceptance can only come from within (that is why it’s called self-acceptance after all).

It has now been probably been a year and a half since I last weighed myself on the scale, and it has been truly liberating.

I know that I am not going to be happy with the number I see, and it in no way is an actual reflection of my health. There have been times where the number on the scale has been a lot lower, and I have been unhealthy.

Now, I exercise and try my best to eat healthier foods because I want to be healthy, not skinny. I don’t need a number on the scale to tell me how healthy I am- I am in control of how I treat my body so I am the only one who can judge how healthy I truly am 🙂


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