Bingeworthy Sundays: Power is the pick of the week

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Sometimes, weekends needs to be spent curling up in bed with a good book that’s got you hooked or a tv series that entices you to keep reminding Netflix that yes, you are still there.

Since 8 PM last night (and gladly with a full night’s sleep in between) I started watching Power. There is something wonderful about starting a series that has already been out for a few years, because it means you can catch up on as much as you want instantly (especially as Netflix UK has all the most up to date episodes).

I don’t want to spoil this for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but the premise is about lives of various people who run a drug cartel in New York City. The main character, in fact most of the main characters, are all anti-heroes- these are not people you should aspire or admire to be by any means.

Yet discovering the complexity of each character makes you want to root for each of them, and you will soon become emotionally invested in the development of the shows’ many relationships.

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