Here for the LOLS: My Fave Comedies

I sure post a lot of about my favourite dramas on television, but I think it’s about time I give some recognition to my top 10 (not a top 5 list per usual because it is too hard to narrow down!)

I will be excluding dramedies from this list, as they deserve a list of their own 🙂

So here they are (no spoilers here btw 🙂 )…

1. The Big Bang Theory 

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.14.17.png

10 seasons and counting 

While some may argue that this is one of the most over-rated shows on television, there’s something to be said about a series that has surpassed its’ ten season mark and is guaranteed at least another two seasons.

I’ll admit the humour isn’t the most ‘original’- the jokes are predictable and it is a prime example of situational comedy (with the inserted audience laughter). However, that doesn’t make the jokes any less funny. The humour is light-hearted, the chemistry between the cast is brilliant, and even after ten years, the show has managed to achieve a tremendous amount of character development- which means that it has defeated the biggest obstacle many comedies face: recycling plot lines and jokes.

It’s also easy to watch because you can catch onto the storylines regardless of what season you start watching from.


2. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 10.30.54.png

4 seasons and counting 

What makes Brooklyn Nine-Nine unique is not only its’ sense of humour, but it deserves recognition for showcasing an immensely diverse cast of leading characters. This comedy, which takes place in a New York City police precinct, include two African American leads and two female Latina leads. Ray Holt, the captain of the Nine-Nine precinct, is homosexual yet his character is in no way defined by his sexuality (something that Hollywood usually tries to exploit to garner audience laughter).

The same thing goes for the two female Latina detectives, who are not defined by the Hollywood Latina stereotype.

Despite not being defined by their media stereotypes, the show has no problem in tackling the racism and discrimination these characters face due to their gender, sexuality, and ethnicity- it tackles it head on but does so in a tasteful manner and never does so in a distasteful manner.

Beyond the series defying media stereotypes with its’ diverse casting and individual character representation, the chemistry between the cast is brilliant and you’re surely going to be laughing throughout every episode.


3. Community 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.00.43.png

6 seasons 

This meta sitcom takes places in a community college, and revolves mainly around the lives of six adults who become friends through a study group.

The humour definitely isn’t conventional, and the jokes are in no way ‘obvious’- by that I mean it’s no Big Bang Theory. However, unlike BBT, it manages to achieve originality through its’ dry sense of humour that is often achieved through parodies and placing these characters in overtly ridiculous and unrealistic situations.

This series is a gem for anyone with a big imagination and an appreciation for mockery.


4. How I Met Your Mother 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.10.20.png

9 seasons

Okay, so this may be an unpopular opinion, but if it comes down to choosing between HIMYM and Friends (which I love), I will choose How I Met Your Mother based on variety. Perhaps it’s also because when I started watching HIYM, I had just turned 20 and found the adult situations these fools got themselves into a bit more humorous and ‘relatable’ (I use the term relatable with a big chunk of salt). I say relatable because at 20, I was having the time of my life at university and had a group of friends from uni of a similar size that I spent most of my time with. I was just properly getting out in the dating scene, and often found myself making choices that I look back at with a different perspective (hindsight is a beautiful gift).

This is a personal preference, but I quite enjoy watching self-destructive characters in comedic situations- frankly I don’t admire most of these characters (mainly with exception of Marshall and Lily), but that doesn’t mean I don’t find them funny.


5. Parks and Recreation

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.23.50.png

7 seasons 

There is something brilliant and comforting about sitcoms that revolve around the lives of a group of people in a work-place setting. Like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Rec achieves its’ humour through characters with contrastingly different personalities, yet they all have incredibly chemistry with one another.

I also love Parks and Rec because it is is incredibly light-hearted and uplifting, I always feel so good after watching it and inspired. Leslie Knope, the main female lead, is all about female and self-empowerment, and she will truly make you feel like you can achieve anything. She is a huge supporter of the people in her life, and has an abundant amount of love to give to everyone.


6. Arrested Development 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.29.22.png

4 seasons (and potentially counting)

If you enjoy cynical and dark humour, this show is for you. Arrested Development provides laughter through the main family characters and their one liners- which are often delivered in a blink and you miss it hot second.

The situations the members of the Bluth family find themselves in (and more often than not manage to voluntarily get themselves into) are rather depressing, but their reactions and the delivery of their reactions is pure comedic gold.

7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.33.35.png

3 seasons and counting

When a show manages to make the comeback story of a woman who starts her life in New York City after being held captive in a bunker by a reverend for 12 years funny, you know you have to give it a chance.

This Netflix binge comedy comes from the brilliant mind of Tina Fey, and is boosted by the performances of its’ spectacular cast. Like community, this show also finds it humour through parodies and mockery, but manages to remain light-hearted through the outstanding sense of hope and optimism that the main character, Kimmy, brings into everyone’s lives.

8. Portlandia 

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.38.34.png

7 seasons and counting

Portlandia is a sketch comedy series, so you can start watching from any season or any episode and quickly catch on. In fact, I encourage you to look up the individual sketches on YouTube (the feminist bookshop sketches are my favourite).

This show basically spends a lot of time taking the piss out of the hipster and millennial culture (it is based in Portland after all). If you’re someone who doesn’t get offended easily and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, you will definitely get a kick out of this show.

9. The Middle

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.44.31.png

8 seasons and counting 

The Middle succeeds in being funny through the lower-middle class family situational comedy humour. The Hecks are relatable and often find themselves struggling to fit in with the ‘perfect’ families around them.

The siblings are all very different, and the parents constantly are being challenged in terms to how they can raise all of them and give them the same amount of love and attention.

Despite often finding themselves in humorously disastrous situations, the Hecks always manage to deliver a good life lesson at the end of each episode and your heart will feel a lot of love for this family.

10. Modern Family

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.54.20.png

8 seasons and counting

Okay, I was hesitant to add this one to the list because I think Mod Fam has sadly reached  its’ expiration date and is desperately clinging onto the original formula which made it so successful. Sadly that formula isn’t going to work forever and because of that I gave up on Modern Family around season 6. Like many comedies, Mod Fam became guilty of recycling plot lines and providing no real character development.

So it probably seems strange to add this one to the list, but up until the point where Mod Fam sadly hit its’ point of no return, it actually was one of my favourite (probably would have made number one back in the day) comedies. I still rewatch the original episodes and it reminds me that at one point, this show was the best feel-good sitcom on television.

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