The Mole Clinic: My experience with overcoming my health anxiety and doing something about it: Part 2

Hi there!

So for those of you who may have read my most recent post, I talked about my experiences with health anxiety. I specifically discussed how I recently became concerned over my moles, and instead of desperately searching the internet for forum boards that would provide me with reassurance to no prevail, I booked my first mole check with The Mole Clinic in Oxford Circus. The nurse flagged two of my moles that she thought needed a further opinion from a doctor, and she promised I would get the results within a few days. She said the doctors would either say that I needed to come back in 3 months to get the moles reassessed (mainly to see if they changed in size or colour) or they would immediately decide to remove it.

Well, the nurse got back to me by telephone and said she had good news: the doctors said the moles were benign and that I should come back in 3 months for reassessment. If they do change at that point, they will remove them.

This news was a relief but at the same time, and as I explained in my first post, the worst case scenario would have been that they removed it right away which actually wouldn’t have been bad.

I also didn’t feel panicked like I normally would waiting for results (I am not usually good at waiting as my anxiety makes me want to instantly control every situation).

I really feel confident that I made the best decision for myself and my health. The nurse really educated me on the importance of looking after my skin, and not in a way that will make me obsessively catastrophise every time a new moles come up or one of my current moles changes. For a while, I put off checking my moles because I was so paranoid of the slightest change and didn’t trust if my anxiety was leading me to believe changes that didn’t exist. Ultimately, I am now confident that the best decision I can make when it comes to changes in my body that I am not sure of is to go to a nurse or doctor- they really are the only people who can provide reassurance. Even if perhaps my health worries are coming out of a place of anxiety and don’t have a rational excuse, there is no harm in asking a doctor for their opinion and putting your mind to rest.

I completely empathise with anyone struggling with health anxiety and hypochondria, so I really understand how this is so much easier said than done. I just want to share my experience to highlight that we can overcome our darkest battles, and it is important to give ourselves recognition for the progress we make.


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