Don’t Go Breaking My Heart: TV’s most dissapointing TV finales

If you’re a television aficionado like myself, you may find that the best and worst of times for your favourite television series arrive during their ultimate conclusions. As saddening as it can be to part ways, we hope that these shows we love will provide us with answers, justice for our favourite characters, and ultimately the closure. However, the closure we receive, or lack thereof in some cases, can be so incredibly disappointing that it may just about spoil all the good times we had while falling in love with the series.

Here are some of the worst breakups I’ve had with some of my favourite television series:

Pretty Little Liars- 7 Seasons

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 20.22.08.png

If I could describe this finale with one word only, it would be cringe.

Alas, I won’t as it defeats the point of this blog post. So what was so awful about this series finale that came to a conclusion after 7 roller coaster years? Well, it ended on the note that most of it more recent seasons refused to stop singing: incomprehensible. The problem with a series that sole purpose relies on finding out who ‘A’ is, a masked figure who torments these a group of teenage friends for year due to a twisted revenge plot, is that the show doesn’t have much else where to after that question is resolved. For the first few seasons, PLL producers and writers were creating exciting enough side plot lines to distract viewers from the ‘A’ of it all, while still dropping in enough hints and faux ‘A’ reveals to keep us watching. Then season 5 came along and A was revealed as Cece Drake (an announcement that was already shockingly disappointing before the finale even hit our screens). Instead of calling it a day, and closing the show perhaps with a special flash forward episode that provides the main female characters with closure, Pretty Little Liars quite literally lost the plot. Suddenly, there was ‘Uber A’ and ‘AD’, a ridiculous cluster of a mess that PLL writers seemingly managed to painfully draw out for two more seasons.

You’re probably wondering why I even bothered to watch after this point- I ask myself that question a lot. Quite frankly I was too far down the rabbit hole to come out and I wanted to see how they would play the story out. Finally when the season 7 and series finale was preparing to air, I thought, let me give it a chance. Surely a show that has been on the air for 7 years and that has such a powerful fan base is going to pull all the stops to ensure that the big Uber A/AD reveal is nothing short of epic. However, the reveal was no other than Alex Drake- Spencer’s deranged twin sister with a twisted revenge plot that we didn’t meet until the last episode ever of the series. Marlene I. King, the producer of the series, even said that she originally wanted Wren to be AD but couldn’t arrange it due to the actor’s scheduling conflicts. So basically, she was saying ‘I know you all wanted Wren to be AD, and that would have been the best conclusion, but he’s not available so I just made up something as we went along with what we had’.

The only semi-redeeming quality of the finale was Mona’s closing scene, where she was keeping Alex and Mary Drake trapped in her own version of the doll house built underground in a Parisian toy store she works in. Pretty messed up, but let’s face it that is all the conclusion we wanted for Mona and the one she deserved.


How I Met Your Mother- 9 seasons

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 20.43.20.png

I’m all for comedies that like to throw in audiences for an unpredictable rollercoaster despite the light-hearted nature of the ride- but How I Met Your Mother took it too far. What was upsetting was not so much that Tracey died (it was sad but it didn’t have to tarnish the value of her and Ted’s relationship in the series) but the fact that Ted and Robin ended up together. The show had achieved so much character development, to the point where it really convinced me that Robin and Ted weren’t meant for each other. I was strongly rooting for Robin and Barney, and they even dedicated a whole season to the build up of their wedding. They do go through with the marriage, but wam bam done we are slapped with a divorce announcement an episode later. Barney goes back to his womanising ways, and in a flashback it is insinuated that Ted and Robin will end up together. His kids even put together the pieces that story was never really about Tracey, it was about Ted’s lingering love for Robin. So much for the epic story that the show literally dedicated its’ title to.


90210- 5 seasons

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 20.54.57.png

This ending can’t really be entirely blamed on the producers/writers- after all it was a pretty last minute announcement that season 5 would be the last. The writers therefore had to scramble to put together a finale that gave closure to the characters while remaining believable. This came at a time where season 5 had already introduced a lot of major plot lines, none of which were developed enough to finish in one season. Liam and Annie end up together, but it was disappointing that the characters felt the need to make them engaged when they didn’t even date for the last season and are only in their early 20s. We also find out in the last episode that Silver has cancer, after a devastating season that included losing her baby through her surrogate. Naomi ends up with whats-his-name when we all know she should have ended up with Max. Dixon ends up alone and quite honestly what was he even doing in season 5? Only true closure comes to Adrianna and Navid, who ended up together and the storyline was gradually building up to it- it felt right when it happened.


Gossip Girls- 6 seasons 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 21.07.19.png

Dan was Gossip Girl- Dan! Dan was the worst, need I say more



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