The cream of the crop: Top 5 TV shows I stumbled upon in 2017

Hi everyone 🙂

It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a post to something television related, but tonight I feel inspire to share the best shows I have discovered in 2017 so far. These shows aren’t ones that necessarily started airing in 2017, but in order to qualify they need to be series that I started watching this year.

So, in no particular order…

Power- 4 seasons and counting 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 19.18.22.png

The Basic Premise: Based in the city that never sleeps, Power mainly revolves around the people who operate one of the country’s most powerful and notorious drug cartel, while also following the lives of the people whose job is it to bring them down. These two worlds quickly collide when two of the show’s main characters begin a steamy and ever so inappropriate affair.

Why it made made my top 5: I love dramas that have you at the edge of your seat, and Power always achieves that in every episode. In a series that is full of anti-heroes (don’t expect the law enforcement officials to actually operate on the ‘right’ side of the law), you will oddly find yourself rooting for some of them. The diversity of the cast is spectacular, the acting is wonderful, and you can expect plenty of jaw-dropping moments because no one is safe in this series.

All four seasons can currently be found on the Netflix UK site so make sure to check it out!


Riverdale, 1 season and counting (season 2 premier is October 11th)

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 19.10.46.png

The Basic Premise: Inspired by the Archie Comics, Riverdale follows the lives of teenagers in an eery town that is full of secrets. The first season kicks off with the whodunit murder of one of the community’s most popular football players.

Why it made my top 5: Riverdale is quite a drastic chance from the likes of Power. However, I’m pushing 25 soon and still love a good teen drama. It only takes browsing the home page of my blog for a few seconds to realise that I am a huge Riverdale fan. It’s dramatic but simultaneously endearing, and it sets a nice change of tone in regards to female empowerment that many of the early 2000’s teen dramas failed to achieve.

It is also streaming on Netflix UK and they air new episodes in conjunction with when they come out in the US- tune in now to catch up on season one before season two airs on October 11th.


The Good Place, 2 seasons and counting 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 19.24.24.png

The Basic Premise: The Good Place is about a woman who dies and ends up in ‘The Good Place’ because of how good of a person she is- except she’s not.

Why it made my top 5: I love light-hearted comedies that manage to be subtly hilarious, sweet, sad, and light-hearted at the same time- The Good Place ticks all those boxes. Created by Michael Schur (the genius mind behind Parks and Rec and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, to name a few), this show is guaranteed to make you turn that frown upside down

This also airs on Netflix UK in conjunction with the US (season 2 currently going into episode 4), so get to it if you’re looking for the next show to make you literally LOL.

Friends from College, 1 season and surprisingly counting 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 19.35.55.png

The Basic Premise: 6 friends from college reunite and chaos ensues.

Why it made my top 5: I’m all for dramedies, and Friends from College is my favourite. I feel like I am part of the .00001% of people who enjoy this show, as the reviews are terrible and I have found various blog posts that argue against it (with all very reasonable argumentative points may I add). I was incredibly surprised but delighted when I heard this show is actually being picked up for a second season. Yes, these characters are all terrible people and in no way likeable, but I find their self-destructive behaviour comical and despite the on-purpose ridiculousness of it all, the performances all come off incredibly genuine.

Also, and you guessed it, it streams on Netflix UK.


Big Little Lies- miniseries 

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 19.45.57.png

The Basic Premise: Big Little Lies follows the secretive lives of a community in Monterrey, and seeks to unravel the mystery of who and why one of its’ members is killed.

Why it made my top 5: To be honest Reese Whiterspoon making a television appearance alone is enough to entice me, but there are so many more reasons that you will fall in love with this show. The beauty of a miniseries is that you know you’ll get answers within a designated timeframe (7 episodes in this case). The acting is tremendous and it is no wonder this show had so many Emmy nominations this year.

Sadly, this does not air on Netflix, but you can buy the whole series for £16.99 on iTunes (completely worth it in my opinion).




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