Treat Yo Self- You Deserve It

Treat Yo Self is a fabulous and much needed way of living that I discovered through watching the hilarious political satire Parks and Rec. In the series, two of the main characters (Donna and Tom) coin one day of the year as Treat Yo Self– a day where you grant yourself whatever your heart desires and disregard stress factors such as how much money (or lack of) is in your bank account. It is essentially a day of pure enjoyment and no guilt.

I have now likened this term to days where I have time to breathe and enjoy myself. This does not mean I go out and spend my money like crazy, I have reinterpreted the term for my own purposes as a way to liberate myself from all the ever-consuming anxieties I have racing in my mind or responsibilities that are more-than-ever consuming my daily routine. For me, Treat Yo Self means doing something for myself that brings me joy (and that can be as simple as watching a new episode of my favourite telly series while chowing down on some Waitrose Frozen ready meal Pizza).

I wanted to write about Treat Yo Self because today, at this very moment (and after a significantally tormenting few weeks of anxiety and work), I feel completely at peace with myself. I am writing this with an ever so slight natural smile on my face, and there is an ever so warm fuzzy motion in my heart that feels like it could explode out of my chest (it’s an odd mix of happiness and serenity). At this second, I don’t care about yesterday and I’m not thinking about tomorrow, I’m so grounded in the very present and it is the most lovely feeling. I don’t know how long this feeling will last, but I am thankful it is present with me right now.

So what does this have to do with Treat Yo Self, you ask? Well, if you read my blog post from a few weeks ago, that desperate feeling of frustration and stress (mainly over my work life) significantly snowballed- to the point that yesterday at work I felt like a complete hot mess. I worked nine consecutive days and really burnt myself out. I left work feeling concerned- could I really enjoy a 3 day weekend (thank goodness for lieu days) when all I was probably going to do was think about going back into the office on Monday and facing all the shit that’s left behind?

I wasn’t convinced I could- except right now I am. I had a wonderful night’s sleep, and woke up to a sunny (albeit chilly) day. It is amazing how important time off work is, and I have truly appreciated that today. Perspective is everything and I believe that 3 consecutive days off is exactly what I need to regain my mental and physical strength.

So today, on a day where I feel joyful and relaxed (and surprisingly so I have yet to think about something to panic about), I want to treat myself to what will make me happy today and in this moment.

I ordered myself a delicious breakfast: Avocado toast with goats cheese with a nutella croissant on the side and a chocolate milkshake (breakfast for champions). I enjoyed this in the living room while watching a new episode of Dynasty– my new found tv obsession may I add.

I am treating myself by writing this blog post and sharing my thoughts with you- something I have been hesitant to do for weeks due to crippling fear of having to face what I was feeling. It is only noon and I have the whole day ahead of me- I am writing this from the living room with the curtains open looking at a bright and clear blue sky where the sun has made a warm presence (despite the chilliness in the air, and I am in doors covered in a cosy blanket). I am treating myself to what is making me happy in this moment.

I am home alone, and I am okay with that. I am not afraid to be alone with my thoughts, in fact, I am truly enjoying having this time to myself.

My heart beams because I am feeling serene.

To all of you out there, no matter what you’re going through, make sure to Treat Yo Self because you deserve it. When it comes to battling mental health, it can be daunting to say the least, so when you find those moments of peace within yourself treasure it and treat yourself to something that rewards that joy in that very moment.

I stand with all of you ❤

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