Reflecting on my hop across the ‘pond’: I can, I will, I would

Nearly 7 years later, I find myself reflecting on my move from Central America to London- a place that has become home. A place that I would always fantasise about but faced many doubts (from myself and others) over whether I could actually muster the courage to deal with such  big change. Here’s a ‘poem’ of sorts as I reflect on achieving my most anxiety-ridden aspirations:



And suddenly the world wasn’t the frightening black hole she once shriveled in fear at the mere prospect of facing it.

 Suddenly her daydreams were a reality happening in front of her very eyes.

 Hope was a word she clung onto desperately even in the darkest of times, and it now became a word of the past as the abstract concept of what she wanted became her concrete present.


If became can and can became will and will became would.

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