The Post-Migraine Effect: Looking at the world through rose-coloured sunglasses

Migraines are a bitch, and then some.

I started suffering with the mentally torturous unwelcome visits around the time I was 18. Nearly 7 years later, and their presence has sadly become more frequent than what I could have ever anticipated.

Entering my uni years, migraines were something debilitating enough for me to not be able to properly function at work or school, but distant enough in appearances whereby I could just about forget and forgive them for the physical and mental toll they had taken on my body.

As uni ended, nearly 3 years ago, the episodes became more frequent and more severe. There was a point where they could pop up every 2 weeks, sometimes more than one episode per week, and that was when I really begun to resent them.

The migraine will raid and inhabit one side of my head, and stay there until it has robbed me of all the essentials I need to function. It will creep under my eye, and when it’s feeling really evil, it will trickle down to my neck and shoulder to make it clear how much power it has over me. Some episodes have been so bad that I become overwhelmed with nausea and, at often times, this leads to vomiting.

Now in my mid-20s, and having suffered with countless migraine episodes, I can on the plus side say that as of this year they have decreased in frequency (not in severity). They generally limit themselves to once a month, which nearly always coincides with my period. I also have realised that a big trigger for me is intensive exercise- so anything that involves jumping on my feet is an automatic no-no for me (I have trialled and discovered the error in this far too many times at this point).

I get no enjoyment from anything when this is going on, and I actually forget what it feels like to have a clear mind.

So when the migraine finally does welcome itself out of my mind and soul, life feels pretty bloody fantastic!

I almost feel like I have a new lease on life, and being the anxious person that I am, I find that I am much less bothered over the catastrophes I irrationally develop in my mind.

I feel lighter, the world feels brighter (and for those of us in London today, the world is indeed much brighter, finally!), and I generally feel much more at ease with myself and my surroundings.

Of course, if it were my choice, I would choose not to have to suffer through migraines at all- but it isn’t my choice. So with that being said, I want to take some time to soak in the bliss that is the post-migraine effect and how much more wonderful life can feel once they are over.

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to sound off in the comments below! 🙂

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