Discovery GemZone: Make me up

Good morning everyone 🙂

Feeling inspired to share two Discovery GemZone shoutouts back-to-back in a two day period!

Today’s instalment is my current make-up routine, which only felt natural to share after letting you all in on my skincare regimen yesterday.

Much like my journey with skincare, make-up is something I didn’t really start to explore more until this past year.

I can quite comfortably leave the house with no make-up on and I sincerely am not bothered with what people think I look like without make-up. That’s not because I think I’m some drop-dead gorgeous VS model look-alike, but despite all of my insecurities and concerns of what people think of me, I’m happy and relieved to say that I don’t concern myself with what people think of my natural appearance.

That being said, I can’t deny that I’ve always had a curiosity to expand my make-up routine, I do think it is a beautiful way to express yourself but my reservations have always been:

a. I’m lazy- I don’t want to spend more than 10 minutes a day doing my makeup, and I don’t want to spend loads of time removing it in the evening

b. I don’t want loads of product on my face- I’m really not a fan of the thought of layering my skin with foundation/concealer/blush/powder/highlighter etc…I do want my skin to breathe as much as possible

c. I’m not bothered- I admire anyone who can pull off these beautifully extensive make-up looks, but personally, I really am not bothered about needing to replicate that affect on myself.

So with all of that in my mind, I have created a make-up routine for me and by me that I’m happy with which is the most important thing after all. So here it is…

Concealer- Hide the Blemish by Rimmel 

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 08.35.22

Ok so I actually really am not a fan of wearing concealer unless absolutely paramount- I like this one by Rimmel because it’s cheap and simple and I can use a dab to cover any tiny spots or pimples.

I also want to note that I won’t be sharing foundation on this post because I use it even less than concealer (maybe once a year). With the hot weather that has finally been bestowed upon us Londoners, this is especially a time of year you won’t find me wearing foundation as I sweat really easily and I hate the feeling of my foundation beginning to bubble under the sun’s glory….


Highlighter- Master Strobing Stick by Maybelline 

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 08.42.43

If there’s one product that I’ve recently become obsessed with, it’s highlighter. I had always heard people talk about highlighter/seen them heavily featured in beauty videos, but I didn’t really understand the buzz until I tried it for myself. I love the natural dewy glow it gives, and I love this product as a roll-on stick as it makes things nice and easy for me which is what I’m after.

Lips x3- Hydro Care SPF15 by Nivea/ Audacious Lipstick Holiday Edition by Nars/Sensation Gloss Sunset Safari by the Make Up Store 

Lipstick is the one product I have always been a fan of and am happy to heavily invest in. I’m usually a fan of bold red colours, but for the purpose of this post I’ll be sharing my current everyday makeup routine. Lately, I’m finding myself much more inclined towards nude/pink/shimmery lipsticks. The above is what I find the perfect combination to create a glowy light pink/nude lip. I already mentioned this one in my skincare routine, but I always put on Nivea’s hydro care SP15 chapstick first to protect my lips and of course keep them hydrated. I then follow that with the NARS lipstick, which I’m a fan of purely from a packaging perspective but it certainly helps that the colour is beautiful too, I then top that off with the Sensation lipgloss to give my lips some shimmer, and voila! My perfect and favourite on the go lipstick look is created.


Eyelids Mini Eye Palette by Gloss 

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 09.04.17.png

Much like my everyday lipstick inspiration, I find myself drawn toward nude/pink/gold/bronze and shimmery eye shadows. I mix up the colour on any given day but my favourite is usually a shimmery gold or purple.

Eyelashes- No7 Lift and Curve Eyelash Curler/2000 Calorie Curl Addict Mascara by Max Factor 

I always make sure to curl my lashes before applying Mascara- don’t we all? I have recently started using Max Factor’s curling mascara and I love it, it makes my lashes extra dark and thicks and actually significantly curls them which creates quite a lovely impact!


Eyebrows- Brow Gel by Natural Collection 

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 09.17.19.png

In the past year I’ve actually really become obsessed with maintaining my eyebrows and making them stand out. I normally don’t use make-up products on them myself as I like to get them threaded, shaped, and tinted at my local salon every few weeks. However, I haven’t gotten around to going recently so whilst I wait for my next appointment, I’ve been using the brow gel above which I’m a massive fan of. I already have brown eyebrows but this gel fills them in perfectly so they’re dark and slick.



So there you have it! My everyday makeup routine that doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes. You’ll notice I also didn’t include eyeliner in my routine, and that’s because I despise putting it on (I’m very clumsy) and I find that it makes my eyes look very small. Thanks for checking in with me and as always feel free to sound off in the comments or contact me below:)


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