Chapter 9: The Amanda Newton Story

Chapters 1-8 can be found on the Well-Lit Zone 


 Chapter 9


Good morning sweetheart, you sure look well rested…how’d you sleep Miss Adams? Jo grinned at Amanda as she failed to exit the motel unnoticed.


Amanda stuttered in response: Very well, thank you. Now I must be going if you don’t mind I have a very busy day ahead. Before Amanda rushed out the door, she stopped herself and clicked that she needed to start acting less nervous and suspicious if the people of Wisconsin Dells were to accept her as one of their own. She was no longer Amanda Newton, she thought, she needed to behave like Cindy Adams.


Amanda leaned on the front desk and gave Jo a warm smile. Actually, maybe you can give me some advice. I’m looking to get a job at the local Waterpark; do you know anyone there that I could talk to about that?


Jo chuckled in disbelief: You really are an enigma, aren’t you Cindy. What the hell do you need a job for? I saw you flashing that wand of cash in front of me last night…Jo winked at Amanda.


Amanda was taken aback, but more so over the fact that Jo even knew what the word enigma meant. Her smile turned into a frown and she responded sternly: I don’t know what idea you have built up about me but I’m not here to mess around. Now do you know someone who can help me out or not? Amanda realized that Jo operated on intimidation and manipulation, which were two tactics Amanda had always specialized in. She knew the only way Jo was going to back off was to fight fire with fire.


Jo tilted her head back and smiled at Amanda: Well, well, Cindy, looks like you have some bark in you….I like that…let me tell you what I do know some people at the waterpark who owe me a favor or two. You wait here I’m just going down to my cottage across the road to see if I can find their contacts.


As Jo left the front desk, Amanda smiled triumphantly while also raising an eyebrow as to how Jo did not even appear to have a cellphone. Before her mind could start berating the backwardness of Wisconsin Dells, Amanda’s body clenched into paralysis as she was in disbelief over what she could hear on the television playing on Jo’s front desk.


The local morning news was on, and the reporter started her segment with this breaking news: It’s been 24 days since Jonathan Dorfman was murdered. A beloved family and community man, Mr. Dorfman was an English Literature professor at New York’s top secondary school academy: Dalston. While investigators have failed to find a suspect up until now, they have had their first big break in the case this morning. A Brooklyn resident handed in dress she found dumped in her trash bin a few weeks ago. The dress was covered in blood, and nearly four weeks later, the NYPD can confirm that the blood on the dress matches Jonathan Dorfman’s.

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