Discovery GemZone: BEAUTspiration through CELEBspiration in 10 videos

I promised you all back-to-back gems today, so let’s go straight into the second edition of the day!

Keeping in tune with today’s theme, it is only fitting to dedicate another beauty gem I’ve stored in my back pocket.

When it comes to my time browsing the web, I have spent a lot of this year having discovered celebrity beauty tutorials, completed by the actual celebrities themselves.

There are plenty of celebrity actors, dancers, and singers out there that I admire, and I often find myself wanting to replicate their make-up or skincare look because it looks amazing.

Of course, it’s safe to say that if you investigate the price of most of the products used in these videos, you’d have to be breaking the bank to afford all of them. That being said, you can find plenty of effective alternative drugstore priced products and even splurge on one that really stands out to you.

Well, YouTube has a whole collection of videos that allow us viewers to discover just that, and here are some of my favourites:


Suki Waterhouse 

Vogue has a whole video collection dedicated to celebrity beauty tutorials, so there is infinite inspiration that can be found on their channel alone.

Suki’s video has had an honourable mention on my blog before, and she’s getting one again today for a good reason.

Model/actress Suki Waterhouse uses quite a bit of product in this video (by my standards anyways), yet she makes it look so effortlessly simple and doesn’t over complicate it. She uses her hands to apply most of the products and she has even inspired me to try contouring!

What I really love is that Suki proves you can achieve a beautiful, natural look with a lot of products, but without having to spend loads of time or apply everything with exact precision.

Suki, you are my soul sister.

Wishlist Product: Diorblush Sculpting Stick Duo Contour & Light Plum Shimmer (£32.50)


Madelaine Petsch

Riverdale star Madeleine Petsch has her own YouTube channel , which I would highly recommend for entertainment value because she is hilarious, down-to-earth, and the polar opposite of her on-screen persona, Cheryl Blossom.

With the exception of that ridiculously priced but seemingly effective NUFACE toning device, Madelaine insights viewers with plenty of morning beauty hacks that don’t even require us to go to the local drugstore. An ice bath and cold spoons to reduce puffiness means we don’t have to go further than our kitchen.

Wishlist Product: NuFace Mini Facial Toning Device (…internally shrieks for wanting this..£158)

Jenna Dewan 

Another celeb with their own YouTube channel, actress/dancer Jenna Dewan shares her on-the-go 10 minute make-up look from her own bathroom.

I’ll admit that for me, 10 minutes is an awfully long time to spend on make-up, especially if I’m on the go it should really take me less than 30 seconds. Jena also uses a significant amount of products on her face, not all of which I’m convinced are necessary.

That being said, she really takes you through how she completes the whole look, and on the special occassions I want to expand upon my make-up routine, this is the video I’m getting my inspiration from.

Wishlist Product: RMS Lip2Cheek (£34)

Victoria Secret model Lily Aldridge shares her 90-second make-up routine in this video, and I’m instantly drawn to it due to the natural and simple look she achieves.

Her skin looks glowy and dewy, and it actually looks like she’s not wearing make-up which is the kind of look I like to replicate.

WishList Product: Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter and Primer (£25.50)


Lucy Hale


Actress/singer Lucy Hale is nearing her 30s but you would never guess she was a day over 20 when she rose to fame on Pretty Little Liars.

BYRDIE ask Hale to list her 5 beauty must-have products in this video, and we get an insight on her go-to foundation, brow, and lip products.

What’s fantastic about this video, and the others, is that they are not sponsored by one beauty brand so you are getting insight into what celebs like Hale really use and you discover plenty of brands you may have not heard of before.

Wishlist Product: Lucas PawPaw Ointment (£10.90)


Jessica Alba and Marianna Hewit 

Beauty vlogger Marianna Hewitt features entrepreneur/actress Jessica Alba to do her make-up on this beauty video.

Alba is on this video to showcase her brand, Honest Beauty, so of course it is sponsored and we only see Honest products.

However, we get to see a true representation of what the product looks like and how they are applied which is fantastic. Alba does put a significant amount of products on Hewitt’s face, but the finished look is natural and glowy (by now I’m sure you’ve realised that’s the look I’m after).

On a side-note, I love watching this video because it gives me major ASMR and it is adorable to see Hewitt fangirling over the fact that Alba is doing her make-up.

Wishlist Product: Honest Demi Matte Lip Crayon (£16.22)


Phoebe Tonkin 


Ever wondered how Phoebe Tonkin preps her skin and does her make-up? Thanks to Vogue (yet again), you can.

This video treats viewers to Tonkin’s entire morning routine, from her skincare, make-up, to hair.

I appreciate that Tonkin keeps it simple and real, and she even states that she doesn’t like too much coverage because she thinks blemishes and dark circles can be sexy (we should all have this attitude!).


Wishlist Product: Glossier Daily Sunscreen + Invisible Shield (£25)


Madelaine Petsch

Back for another round of Miss Petsch. on this space, because…why not! Madelaine’s skin and make-up always look flawless, so you can sign me up for whatever she’s having.

Like Hale, BYRDIE asked Petsch to share her 5 beauty must have products. Most of which, may I add, are either drugstore products or on the more affordable end of popular beauty brands.

Wishlist Product: Glossier’s Haloscope Highlighter (£25)


Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan again here, because she features both her make-up and skincare routine on her YouTube channel.

Dewan is nearly 40, which you would never guess, so I was definitely intrigued by her skincare routine.

It’s quite extensive and complicated for my liking, but it clearly works!

Wishlist Product: La mer Eye Concentrate (£155…shriek!)


Shenae Grimes-Beech

90210 star/beauty vlogger Shenea Grimes-Beech is another celeb to have started her own YouTube channel.

In this video, we’re taken behind closed doors to see how Grimes un-preps her skin before going to bed. It’s another extensive routine but that means there’s plenty of beauty goodies to discover and explore!

Wishlist Product: Charlotte Tillbury Multi-miracle Glow (£45) 



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