Discovery GemZone: The best in beauty tricks and blips

Hi all 🙂

Sharing another beauty related gem (*insert sarcastic shock expression here*) with you all today. I want to share with you all some insight into some beauty hacks that have completely revolutionised my routine.

I’m not claiming credit on any of this; I have learned all of this by watching beauty tutorials or reading articles, I would just like to spread the knowledge that may be obvious to the experts but useful for novices such as myself!

So here are some of the insights I would like to pass on…


It’s all about the dab


No, I’m not talking about the iconic dance move, I’m talking about where you literally dab two fingers along your cheekbones to lightly blend your highlighter in so it doesn’t disappear.

I was obsessed with highlighter when I first realised what it’s purpose was, but I was at a loss as to how people got that subtly shimmery glow. The first time I swiped it on, I swirled my brush around because of how intense it looked in its raw untouched form, but the alas the brush made it completely dissipated from my skin.

Fortunately, YouTube was my friend and I soon realised that the dab was the way to get the subtle shimmery glow (tip: don’t go overboard like I did if you’re putting on highlighter in a room with bad or no lighting, highlighter is surprisingly all about lighting).


Conceal the truth with the illuminati triangle 

Except I’m not talking about any conspiracy theories here.

My saving grace discovery has been learning how to apply concealer under my eyes. I have a stick concealer, and when I first purchased it, I thought I had gotten the wrong shade because it made my skin look noticeably more pale. I was also frustrated because I felt like it was actually highlighting my undereye wrinkles.

I then discovered via the good old world wide web that a very handy trick with concealer is to draw it in as an triangle under each of your eyes, and then blend it in. I was so pleasantly surprised that this worked when I tried it, not only did it blend in perfectly with my skin tone, but I realised how much brighter it made my undereye area look. It may have not made my wrinkles or dark circles completely disappear, but it noticeably covered a lot of the bumpy/raw skin texture I have from lack of sleep…I’m a very happy camper indeed because of this not-so insighter info.


Give a woman the right lipstick, and she can conquer her cheeks 

I’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s worth bringing up again.

Lipstick is a great multitasking product that you can take from your lips to your cheeks as a blush. I first discovered this via a Suki Waterhouse Vogue beauty tutorial, but it seems to be the rave amongst everyone, and rightly so.

I just swipe some lipstick on my fingers and dab (told you it was all about the dab) it in a diagonal upward stroke with a brush or your plain fingers work too.

My preferred shade is a dark nude/pink.


3 is the magic number

Sometimes less is more.

Thanks to inspiration I took from Ashley Graham’s beauty tutorial, I now only place 3 dollops (one dollop across 3 fingers) of any liquid product on my face, which is enough to give me the smooth seamless coverage I am looking for, without having an unnecessary amount of product suffocating my pores.


Shimmer the chap away 

I can’t say that this is new information that wasn’t already out there, but it’s one hack I learned on my lonesome after having put on a dark nude lipstick and being frustrated at how noticeably chapped it made my lips looked. So I decided to swipe a similar shade lipgloss which significantly lessened the appearance of chapped lips (make sure to add chap stick as well of course!) because it disguised the cracks with a lovely shimmer.

If you don’t want your hair to bunch, don’t forget to give it a good scrunch 

This one is particularly for us curly haired gals…there is nothing more frustrating than achieving a day of lustrous bouncy curls and having no idea how it happened.

Thanks to flip, scrunch, and whip technique, you now have a better chance of creating those signature curls.

After you have wet your hair and brushed it with an anti-frizz cream on, flip your hair upside down and scrunch the ends in an upward motion which will automatically get those curls going while they’re still wet, then flip your hair up on and you’re done.



9 thoughts on “Discovery GemZone: The best in beauty tricks and blips

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve minimized my makeup routine over the last few years to wearing nearly nothing! And now I have no idea what half of the stuff they sell in the makeup stores is. I feel stressed out by these highlighters, primers, contour kits, and all of that stuff I am seeing. I used to dabble in makeup a lot but since my life changed a lot with time (makeup was the last thing I had time to worry about), I feel left out and this information helps.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m so glad that you have found this helpful! I have only started exploring makeup past mascara/eyeshadow/lipstick properly in the past few months, and there is so much to learn! I’m quite happy with where I’m at now as it’s manageable. I would really recommend that you watch Vogue’s celebrity beauty videos, they’re really short and a lot of them (like Suki Waterhouse) show you really basic techniques for more complex products which I really enjoy 🙂


      1. I find that inspiring that you were able to get some answers and tips, and also that you are enjoying it! Hopefully you’ll tell us more as you learn! I might try that out tonight actually. I’m sure if I had some knowledge I could do something neat with this face of mine 😄
        Anyways thanks again keep up the posts you’re awesome

        Liked by 1 person

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