Entertainer Blogger Award

Hi all 🙂 Andrea was kind enough to tag me in The Entertainer Blogger Award (thank you Andrea!) 🙂 Andrea’s questions were: Why did you start blogging in the first place? Writing has always been a passion of mine- it is an art that I can confidently express myself through, and it has always been a... Continue Reading →

The Byrdie Challenge: Top Beauty Must Haves

Hi all 🙂 So in one of my latest Discovery GemZone post’s, I shared some of my favourite celebrity beauty videos. Some of these included videos by Byrdie, in which they asked celebs to share their top 5 favourite beauty products. So I have decided to start the #byrdiechallenge and share my top 5 beauty products (skincare... Continue Reading →

Discovery GemZone: Beauty Haul Edition

Hi everyone! 🙂 I know I’ve haven’t been posting as regularly as I aimed for lately, but alas I’m here now and thought I’d treat you all to a very special gem: a massive beauty haul! In the past few months, I have seriously begun investing/dedicating my time to my skincare and make-up routine. I... Continue Reading →

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