Mystery Blogger Award

Good evening all 🙂 Andrea has been super kind to nominate me for the Mystery Blogger Award- thank you, Andrea! Here are my answers to her ‘get-to-know me' questions’:   Can you post a picture of your coffee / tea cup? Nope 🙂 I rarely drink either- they both tend to trigger my migraines unfortunately... Continue Reading →

Entertainer Blogger Award

Hi all 🙂 Andrea was kind enough to tag me in The Entertainer Blogger Award (thank you Andrea!) 🙂 Andrea’s questions were: Why did you start blogging in the first place? Writing has always been a passion of mine- it is an art that I can confidently express myself through, and it has always been a... Continue Reading →

25 questions to get to know me

A much more lighthearted post compared to the first two 🙂 Found this via 1. What is your middle name?: Can’t say it yet, just created this blog and I’m keeping it all anon for now! 2. What was favourite subject at school?: English Literature and Drama. I have always loved writing and drama class allowed me to break... Continue Reading →

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