2018 Summer Reading List

So I bought loads of books on Amazon in my pursuit to nurture and educate my mind through the literary sphere. Check them all out below! Through the next few months, I hope to share my thoughts on all of these and hopefully introduce you all to some literary gems! Once I start dedicating posts... Continue Reading →

Chapter 8- The Amanda Newton Story

Find all chapters on the Amanda Newton story here Chapter 8 The phone rang and Amanda’s body jolted with anticipation as she expected the news of Professor Dorfman’s death. Amanda wanted to hear the news herself, as she still had lingering hope that it was all a nightmare or a hallucination. As she stood up... Continue Reading →

Chapter 7- The Amanda Newton Story

Chapter 7 Amanda slowly started opening her eyes as the light through the curtains shun through. For a split second, she thought that she was at home in New York, but it quickly dawned on her that she was waking up at the Wisconsin Inn Motel.   For the first time in 23 days, Amanda... Continue Reading →

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